The 4 Business Trends to Look Out for This Year

Every year new business trends emerge and 2017 is no different. We see certain areas of business really explode into something impressive. Though some business trends merely last a year or two, many develop over a long period of time and become part of the wider business world. Great examples of this include the use of social media for business and start-up businesses becoming big players amongst their much larger competitors.

Important Business Trends This Year 

Without even being half way through the year there are already some key business trends emerging. We’re going to look at four of the most important.


Crowdfunding has been around for a few years now and it has seen a continued increase in popularity. Businesses need to put more funding into their ideas and concepts each year and crowdfunding allows them to seek financial assistance elsewhere. There are a number of online crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter being one of the most well-known. With this, fans of a business plan can donate money to help them get an idea off the ground. Crowdfunding is most popular with start-up businesses or companies that are looking to create a new gadget or game but do not have enough money to do so.

Content Marketing

Everyone has heard of SEO and the importance of ranking highly on search engines, but content marketing is really taking the lead this year in regards to digital marketing strategies. Whereas before the key focus of SEO was to increase traffic and gain backlinks, it is now shifting towards creating interesting and useful content. Content marketing aims to not only help a website rank in terms of keywords, but also to create a group of loyal followers in the long term.

E-commerce Reliance

Of course, e-commerce has been popular for many years but the continued trend and reliance on online shopping has led to e-commerce continuing to boom. With services such as Amazon Prime offering deliveries only a few hours after your order has been placed, more and more people are turning to e-commerce websites to complete everyday tasks.

Going Green

‘Going Green’ is a phrase used to describe businesses that are making a bid to take the environment into account when they create and sell their products. There is a continued interest in protecting the Earth and the importance of doing so is a major concern for many. More people are choosing to buy from companies that are actively conscious of their impact on the planet and what they are putting out into the world. There is a business trend of companies finding eco-friendly ways of doing things in order to encourage buying.


Though these are four of the main business trends that have already been seen this year, there are many more. Plus, there are sure to be other trends that emerge as we work our way through 2017.

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