Empulse to Transform Internal Business Communications

Internal business communications are vital for ensuring that operations run smoothly across projects and the whole of a firm. Recognising the challenges that complex organisations face, Empulse has launched with the backing of entrepreneurial incubation centre Baytree Labs. Empulse aims to streamline the communication process across businesses, supporting wider objectives and ensuring that all departments are on the same page.

Empulse is a unique piece of software for internal business communications. With a focus on using technology and innovative ideas, it’s set to transform how messages are communicated business wide. The launch of the new product comes at a time when various departments and teams are increasingly collaborating and the need for effective communications is more important than ever. Armed with the features that Empulse places at the fingertips of businesses, firms can guarantee that their internal communications strategy is both practical and efficient.

Mitul Thobhani, CEO & Founder of Baytree Labs, of Baytree Labs, said “Every business knows the challenge of passing information to all employees and ensuring that these messages are picked up and received how they should be. Internal communications are just as vital for the running and success of a business as external messaging. Empulse delivers our customers the tools they need to build, run, and monitor their strategy to achieve their goals.”

Empulse is just the latest product launch to come from Baytree Labs. The established brand works in partnership with exciting entrepreneurs in the technology sector, supporting their innovations and turning them into a reality. Through coaching, mentoring, and product development, Baytree Labs already has an impressive portfolio of products and clients. Perfectly complementing the launch of Empulse are website and web application development, helping customers of Baytree Labs to boost their digital presence. With an experienced entrepreneurial team and a dedication to inspiring a different approach, Baytree Labs is set to continue growing and bringing creative solutions direct to businesses.



Baytree Media is the parent company of Baytree Academy, the coaching and mentoring platform that guides young entrepreneurs through an intensive two-week summer camp, and Baytree Labs, the business-focused platform that harvests new business ideas and helps keen start-ups realise their potential. Both support businesses and business ideas in order to generate a fruitful bottom line.